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VidAgency Theme

VidAgency Theme is one of its kind WordPress themes that is plug-n-play video agency website setup theme.

Simple install it, fill in a few things and your agency website is ready in a snap! By using this software, you can sell your video, SEO, Social Media Management or pretty much any service or product without worrying about creating a sexy website that converts your leads into clients instantly!

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  • VidAgency theme showcases your testimonials is a very easy to view layout, helping you get more sales.
  • VidAgency theme so easy to edit and modify.
  • It provides an easy to view layout that caches your prospects attention and helps you build more confidence, eventually leading them to making a purchase with you!


100% Mobile Responsive

I don’t need to tell you have almost 80% of your websites traffic currently is from mobile. Mobile is massive and being mobile ready is critical for your business and your website.

VidAgency theme builds your agency website as a mobile responsive site.

That means, you’re not going to miss out any prospect that comes to your from a mobile device. PLUS it adds more credibility to your agency.

SEO Optimized

SEO is important and it’s definitely not dead, simply changing.

VidAgency theme comes in built with adaptive-SEO technology. With this, your Agency website will always be on top of the new on-page SEO changes and always be in the good books of Google, making sure you are ranked higher and always ranked for your targeted search terms.

No more missing out that free organic traffic from Google.

Easy To Edit

We understand that time is money!
And that is why we’ve build VidAgency theme so easy to edit and modify that it won’t take you more than 20-30min max to setup your new Agency website and have it ready to go.

PLUS it’s super easy to make changes to anything on your website.

No rocket science at all, unlike those other theme out there.

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